Cafe Menu Calendar

8-17-17: Stuffed peppers, smashed potatoes w/ green garlic butter, cherry crisp
8-18-17: salad bar, herbed new potatoes, cinnamon applesauce
8-21-17: squash, echniladas, greek salad smoothies
8-22-17: salad bar, macaroni salad, mango coffee cake
8-23-17: Beef tips, and noodles, crescent rolls, instant jello cheesecake
8-24-17: Hot pressed cuban sandwich, coleslaw, ice cream bar
8-25-17: Hearty veggie lasagna, garlic toast, very berry fruit salad

9-4-17: Hamburgers and Brats
9-5-17: BBQ Chicken w/ Corn bread topper, Spinach salad w/ walnuts, Smoothies
9-6-17: Salad Bar, Cheese stuffed potatoes, Cherry cheese cake
9-7-17: Pumpkin mac and cheese, Bacon wrapped sweet potato bites, Snicker-doodle
9-8-17: Crispy parmeson pork, Sweet potato casserole, Pineapple cake
9-11-17: Salsa burgers, Chips and guac, Moroccan spiced orange
9-12-17: Veggie Lasagna, Arugula salad, Bea's peach cobbler
9-13-17: Fried Chicken, potato salad, chocolate caramel cookies
9-14-17: Salad bar, Cheese and sausage, Chocolate chip banana bread brownies.
9-15-17: Chicken and sausage, Jambalya Biscuits, Vanilla Cookies.
9-18-17: Salad Bar, Squash and Zuchinni, Smoothies.
9-19-17: Pad thai, spring rolls, banana split.
9-20-17: Apple pork chops, Oriental slaw, Oatmeal cookies.
9-21-17: Spam sandwiches, french fries, Rice krispy treats.
9-22-17: Chicken/vegetable kebabs, rice, Chocolate orange cookies.
9-25-17: Apple chicken, mashed potatoes, oatmeal raisin muffins
9-26-17: Hamburgers, Cheesy zuchinni, Black bean brownies
9-27-17: Lemon pork chops, Brussel sprouts, pinapple upside down cake
9-28-17: tomato, grilled cheese, tomato soup, chocolate milk shakes
9-29-17: Salad bar, asparagus, stuffed potatoes, cottage cheese and peaches.